The focus is always
on the customer.

Bambus Contact Center knows better than anyone
how to provide solutions that result in satisfactory
customer care.


Our inbound call center is used by a growing number of industries and helps companies worldwide increase productivity, efficiency and profits. Our employees are carefully trained problem solvers who understand your business and provide solutions that satisfy your customers. As a result, we can supplement your existing capacity and ensure that your customers never have to wait on hold. Our comprehensive inbound services are designed to give your customers the personal attention they deserve.


Our outbound services successfully achieve program objectives associated with B2B and B2C programs. We can enable your business to reach your customers in more effective ways than ever before and we leverage your customer lists to develop and execute campaigns for marketing, surveys, responses, and interactions using our technology platforms. By using multiple touchpoints, we can ensure that we can work with them regardless of their preferred method of communication.

Repair Center

With the advancement of technology, different consumer electronics products with various functions are launched every day. We are continually updated and know how to handle the latest technology. Expert technicians and engineers with whom we cooperate handle orders, complaints and returns of equipment from the IT, telecommunications and electronics sectors. Our customers trust our expertise, the quality of our repairs and our customer-oriented approach. We emphasize unparalleled technical expertise, state-of-the-art testing equipment, and the shortest turnaround times.


Our comprehensive technical support solutions aim to deliver positive customer experiences throughout the technology lifecycle. Our experts have the training, tools and expertise needed to solve technical problems excellently. We help you build your customized contact center solution that keeps pace with new channels, interactions and customer preferences. We complement tools and processes to provide the best possible service to your customers.


Our e-procurement service provides a comprehensive solution for digitizing and automating procurement processes. By utilizing our service, organizations can improve procurement efficiency, enhance transparency, and optimize overall procurement operations.