A high-quality service is something we work hard to deliver to our clients

We dedicate our time and energy to solving the problems
they encounter, ensuring that we do so in a professional
manner through our contact center services.


We work hard to provide repair solutions that satisfy customers. Our experts have the training, expertise and education necessary to successfully address these issues. We stay current on developments and know how to use the latest technologies.

To receive professional assistance, get in touch with us.

Weighting Scale 1
Devices including
electronics up to 30kg

We can assist you with taking and processing orders. 

Magnifying Glass 1
Incoming goods inspection (IQC)

Before production begins, we can help to monitor the quality of raw materials, parts, and manufacturing components.

Return Product 1
Return Material Authorization RMAs)

Let us help with the return
material authorization agreement. 

wrench 1
Repairs, also after the warranty period

We offer repair services that extend beyond the warranty period.

20 Microchip 1
SMD-repair (fine pitch)

Our skilled technicians use specialized tools and techniques to support you with the SMD issues.

Invoice 1
Estimates of costs –

We provide cost estimates for repairs to ensure transparency and help customers make informed decisions.

7 Computer 1
Interfaces for the client

We offer a range of interfaces for client systems to facilitate seamless integration and efficient communication between our services and our clients’ systems.

Group 702
Amazon-Return -Service

If you have any concerns regarding Amazon returns, we are here to handle it for you.

Fast Delivery 1
Shipment with UPS or DHL

Global presence, Door-to-
delivery of packages, No
fees, 24/7 international
Contact us.