About Us

Bambus Contact Center is a subsidiary of Bambus Group. It was established in 2019 as a result of the increasing needs of the market. With the expertise on board, Bambus Contact Center now provides a wide range of services which aim to facilitate companies’ overloaded work. From Kosovo’s capital, Prishtina, we offer our services overseas prioritizing services quality.


We aim to be a one-stop platform for all the services that are crucial to companies to ensure a smooth efficiency, maximized productivity and saved time in competitive rates.

Full availability

Our inhouse agents work in three shifts to ensure full availability for companies operating both nationally and overseas. We are very accommodating towards our clients’ needs.

Global reach

Our team provides services in 36 languages and various industries. These out-reach resources enable us to serve any company or business no matter its operating location, language or industry.

Facts about us


Under 30 years old!


Basketball Fans!


Don't like being photographed!




Hold a BA degree!


Animal people!


Summer people!


Coffee people!


Never took a selfie!


Watch Netflix!


Speak 4 languages!


Play musical instruments!

Guaranteed quality

Our focus is on quality assurance!

Certified working methods of Bambus Group guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data and information collected. Our services have been awarded by TUV NORD according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 “Information Security Management Systems” and EN ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management”. This assures our customers that our quality and safety management program is regularly updated in appliance with international regulations such as GDPR and ISO standards. In addition, we are certified by DEKRA with DIN ISO 20252:2019 “Standards of Quality Assurance in Social and Market Research”.

ISO Certifications

TÜV NORD with ISO 9001 and DIN ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 “Information Security Management Systems” and DEKRA with ISO 20252:2019.

5 Steps Agent Training

In order to be able to gather conclusive data, come up with worthwhile results, and draw meaningful conclusions, it is important to prepare our agents professionally. By implementing standard ISO DIN 9001, every process within Bambus Contact Center is carefully defined and controlled by the Human Resource Department.

Recruitment Process

Every agent undergoes an aptitude test focusing primarily on language and communication skills.

Explaining the Market

After agents pass the recruitment process successfully, they are briefed on the principles and main values in the area of customer support.


We provide training in the areas of communication techniques and soft skills, as well as the obligatory trainings on ISO DIN 27001 data security and protection.


Bambus Contact Center classifies agents into different industries. Each agent brings unique abilities, qualifications, and experiences to our team.

Continuous training

Every agent will be monitored and coached on every single project they are working, guaranteeing the quality of work Bambus is promising to its clients.