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With the advancement of technology, different consumer electronics products with various functions are launched every day. We are continually updated and know how to handle the latest technology. Expert technicians and engineers with whom we cooperate handle orders, complaints and returns of equipment from the IT, telecommunications and electronics sectors. Our customers trust our expertise, the quality of our repairs and our customer-oriented approach. We emphasize unparalleled technical expertise, state-of-the-art testing equipment, and the shortest turnaround times.

We are trustworthy

There is always a way to fix something, no matter how broken it looks at first glance. The small repairs really add up, that is why we never give up.

Devices including electronics up to 30kg

The service is different to the regular, but customer service prestige is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction!

Incoming goods inspection (IQC)

Monitoring the quality process of raw materials parts of manufacturing components before the manufacturing process begins.

Return Material Authorization RMAs)

The agreement in which a product supplier agrees to ship the item back to them in exchange for a refund or credit due to a product defect or malfunction.

Repairs, also after the warranty period

Free repair and adjustment services guarantees in the event of a malfunction that occurs during everyday use while following instruction manuals.

SMD-repair (fine pitch)

A device mounted on a printed circuit board, such as a resistor, capacitor, or integrated circuit.

Estimates of costs – Repairs

Forecasting the financial and other resources required to complete a project within a specified scope.

Interfaces for the client systems

Any communication line, modem connection, or other facilities, software, hardware, mobile devices, or equipment that is provided.

Amazon-Return -Service

We can support you in return or replace items on Amazon.

Shipment with UPS or DHL

Global presence, Door-to-door delivery of packages, No pickup fees, 24/7 international support.

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