Training Process

Why train with us?


We’ve been training call center professionals longer than anyone elseon the market today. As a result, we know what works, what drives value, and how to stay ahead of the game.


With a wide range of 20+ call center courses, vital training topics in every significant role, and four different online/in-person course delivery options, Bambus Contact Center is the ultimate one-stop-shop.


Bambus Contact Center set the standards for practical call center training. We utilize a results-first approach to all course content, featuring highly interactive, real-world elements proven to drive value.

Training instructions

Hold regular training essions for all agents

The first thing to make sure you have in your plan is regular formal group training sessions for employees, somewhere between once a month and once a quarter.

These are your chance to bring together everyone and keep them in the loop on new policies and procedures, safety programs, software, hardware, etc. They can also be used to provide regular, customized training from an outside company.

Use video conferencing for training

Telecommuting changed the way employees work by allowing them to work from home. Video conferencing takes the place of formal meetings and gives employees from all over the globe the opportunity to work together effortlessly. We’ve all had a taste of that recently.

But working remotely doesn’t mean you have to stop training. Your team can use Zoom or BlueJeans to attend training sessions and conferences while working remotely.

Video conferencing can also be an excellent opportunity to bring together different offices or teams, train teachers from much further afield, and attend virtual conferences

Incorporate storytelling into your contact center training

Who doesn’t like a good story?

Stories are more engaging, but stories also enhance learning and help us retain information better.

But storytelling is more than that; it’s what makes us human. The power to imagine, to tell stories, and by doing so, to transmit information and work together across natural boundaries of all types. Using real examples, you can identify potential problems and allow employees to conclude how to solve issues quickly and effectively. Telling a story is the only way to activate the parts of your brain that can pair the information with the listener’s own experiences and ideas. An account is how we transfer data

Use technology to monitor agent efficiency and performance

Many contemporary call center software monitors agents’ performance and helps to identify problem areas and time wasters.

The most effective way to do this is to set up each employee with their own ‘Performance Dashboard,’ to see their numbers and one for the managers.

Use incentives and gamification

Interested in a reward for a job well done? Very few people argue with the logic of workplace incentives. Small gifts and public praise motivate employees to work smarter, not harder.

Incentives create a positive atmosphere, increase productivity, and discourage absenteeism because people like to feel good about what they do. Add a few gamification elements, and your call center will be singing.

We’d suggest incorporating various incentive levels, including public ‘shout-outs’ for excellent jobs with customers, ‘High-Five’ peer-to-peer recognition for helping out or doing a good job, quarterly performance target individual and team prizes, and employment anniversary gifts.

5 Steps

In order to be able to gather conclusive data, come up with worthwhile results, and draw meaningful conclusions, it is important to prepare our agents professionally. By implementing standard ISO DIN 9001, every process within Bambus Contact Center is carefully defined and controlled by the Human Resource Department.

  • Recruitment Process

    Every agent undergoes an aptitude test focusing primarily on language and communication skills.

  • Explaining the Market

    After agents pass the recruitment process successfully, they are briefed on the principles and main values in the area of customer support.

  • Training

    We provide training in the areas of communication techniques and soft skills, as well as the obligatory traini-ngs on ISO DIN 27001 data security and protection.

  • Continuous training

    Every agent will be monitored and coached on every single project they are working, guaranteeing the quality of work Bambus is promising to its clients.

  • Categorized

    Bambus Contact Center classifies agents into different industries. Each agent brings unique abilities, qual-ifications, and experiences to our team.

  • Continuous training

    Every agent will be monitored and coached on every single project they are working, guaranteeing the quality of work Bambus is promising to its clients.

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