Part of Bambus Group

Bambus Group is one of the fastest-growing companies in Kosovo and the region

It consists of several innovative companies that are leaders in the field of information and communication with solution-based technology.

We want to create something of value that will stand the test of time. We achieve this by relentlessly focusing on our customers' success, building high-quality systems, and planning for the long term. Our company is characterized by humility and driven by ambition.

Bambus Group’s main focus is on solutions.

That’s where we have the opportunity to really make a difference, for people. We deploy these solutions to companies that enter into a long-term partnership with Bambus Group. Our company contributes to digitalizing matters that can be done through partnership. We form strong, robust and lasting partnerships with like-minded companies to develop solutions and bring them to market. Together, we help our mutual customers of all sizes overcome their challenges in the areas in which we operate.

A partnership where we keep each other informed, are transparent and work together to achieve specific goals. This offers both sides the opportunity to achieve amazing results at the highest level without unnecessary costs. In today's complex business environment, no single company can address the needs of all customers. But together, we can improve the way businesses operate and we can do things better and faster. We are not a standard customer service partner, but a challenger who dares to change the current status quo.

Bambus Group appreciates every subsidiary

Bambus Contact Center is one of the first subsidiaries of Bambus Group. With their expertise on board, Bambus Contact Center offers a wide range of services aimed at reducing the surcharged workload of businesses.

By working together, Bambus Contact Center and Bambus Group have assembled the most comprehensive range of contact center solutions specifically designed to improve the way unique businesses engage with their customers.


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