Our inbound call center is used by a growing number of industries and helps companies worldwide increase productivity, efficiency and profits. Our employees are carefully trained problem solvers who understand your business and provide solutions that satisfy your customers. As a result, we can supplement your existing capacity and ensure that your customers never have to wait on hold. Our comprehensive inbound services are designed to give your customers the personal attention they deserve.

Exceptional customer care

We have listed a number of services that can help you improve customer satisfaction and outreach their expectations.

Professional assistance to help you with order processing

Professional assistance to help you with take and process orders.

Interactive Voice Response

IVR software system can help increase customer satisfaction and improve contact center operations and KPIs

Warm transfer

Provide enough context about the customer issue to other agents before transferring the customer call.

Claims Management

We use our process maturity models to benchmark and create a transformation roadmap for our clients.

Return Management

The service journey offers new opportunities for interaction with the customer.

Complaints Management

Resolving individual complaints and identifying opportunities to make systemic improvements.

Help Desk Services

Resolve your employees’ or customers’ user issues, and technical issues of your software or IT infrastructure.

Customer service and care

Interactions with a representative in order to assist customers for the sake of helping them.

Pre/post sales service

Snippets of activities, recommendations, previews, tips and build up.

Level 1 and 2 Tech Support

We collect customer requests and data, attend phone calls, in depth analysis of the problem, define the root of the problem.

Internet Live-Chat Solutions

We can help on chatting with customers, send their details to the needed CRM, manage orders and accept payments.

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